Friday, June 5, 2009


Home from work after getting to sleep at 3 am, sleeping badly then back up at 7 am.

Think i need a nap!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's 1 AM, what are you doing?

We are still hanging in here!

Our son just went to sleep, he should sleep a few hours.

Our oldest daughter just woke up, she will probobly be up until 3 or 4 am.

Can you spare a dollar?

Can you spare a dollar?

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Won't you help us reach our goal?

Our worst night so far

In a previous blog i had mentioned our children don't sleep well. There are those nights you will never forget and the following is one of those nights.

Our oldest daughter has a movement disorder that resembles a seizure, actually, at times it is hard to tell the difference. Her movement disorder is really bad tremors. Her tremors were so bad that night she was literally moving across the floor having tremors. My husband and i had to sit on the floor to protect her head and body from getting hurt. We knew she had to go to the emergency room. Before one of us could take her, our youngest daughter woke up.

She had spiked a fever of 103. When she got fever's her seizures start. So, we had our oldest daughter having tremors on the floor, our youngest daughter with a really high fever. Then our son woke up.

Before he was on medication for acid reflux, he cried continuously. Trying to get a dr. to diagnose acid reflux in an infant is very difficult. Well that night he was the last one to wake up. when he awoke, he started crying. It wasn't really crying, it was more like a painful scream.

So, there my husband and I were, with our three children that we live for, one was having serious tremors, one had a fever, and one was screaming from pain from acid reflux.

we called the only support system we had which was my mother. We called her at 1:50 am for her to come watch our two youngest so we could take our daughter to the emergency room, since it took two people to keep her safe. My mom was sick and couldn't come.

I'll never forget looking at the clock. It was 2 am, my husband looked at me and said "we are truly alone in this". I had never felt so isolated and helpless in my life.

I ended up taking her to the emergency room, getting a ride from a neighbor.

Life has been hard.

What we didn't do

Unlike other sites such as this one, there are certain things our family did not do. We did not get into credit card debt, we did not overspend, and we did not live above our means.

What we did do:

Our son was born in March of 2001. My husband had a very good job at the time. After our son was born we were going to add an addition. When our son was six months old my husband lost his job in the recession of 2001. There went our plans for our addition.

Of course he tried to find employment, but with the medical issues that our children have, a few years went by without fulltime employment. In the meantime, he did odd computer jobs to help us pay our bills, he was successful enough to overcome that tribulation.

Now, years later we are still struggling to overcome our personal trials and tribulations. No matter what sacrifices we have to make as husband and wife, we will still care for our kids and do the best we can.