Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you to the gracious person who donated $100!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About us

We need your help!

Hello, thank you for looking at our page. We are a family of five in need of a house.

Three of our children have a disability. Our three beautiful children have a sleep disorder, seziures, movement disorders, they cannot talk verbally, but they do use limited modified sign language and pictures to communicate. Currently we live in a three bedroom house that is 800 sq. feet.

when our children were younger our lack of space in our house wasn't an issue. However, now that they are older (ages 17, 11 and 8) every inch they grow is an inch we loose in our house. They all need their seperate bedroom's because they don't sleep and would keep each other awake and they have no safety awareness so this is not a good idea, we tried it. Because they all need their seperate bedrooms this leaves my husband and i without a bedroom. We tried to save the money ourselves for the last eight years, but because of expenses due to the kids disability it hasn't been possible.

After 8 years, two job losses and our kids only sleeping a few hours a night we are exhausted and in need of help.

Our plans were to add an addition, but I lost my job in October which made our plans fall through. The cost of an addition is $15,000. we are not asking for that much, we are asking only for a $5.00 donation or whatever you feel you can donate.

We believe in giving back ourselves, in the last few years we have done various fundraising for the disability organization that our children have.

I will add an update of how much funds we have raised as we raise them! To donate just on the Donate button on the upper right hand side!

We need your help. Thank you.